Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Kill or Cure ... thoughts on health care reforms

I just finished reading "Kill or Cure? How Canadians can remake their health care system." In this book, Dr Carolyn Bennett (MP, Toronto riding of St Paul's) and Rick Archbold build on research, professional consultation and most importantly - personal experience within the system in delivering an invaluable account of the state of Canada's publicly financed health care system, the challenges it faces in meeting increasing demand, and clear opportunities for reform that can both improve the quality of patient care while saving taxpayers billions of dollars.

Though published in 2000, the prevailing concepts on fee-for-service payment models, primary health care teams, enhancing communication across professional disciplines, improving accountability and integrating the latest information technology into the system are as relevant today as they were a decade ago. In short, this book is critical reading for all Canadians interested in working to improve their health develivery system in time for the challenges of the coming century.

To quote Monique Begin, former Federal Minister of Health and Welfare:

"This is an indispensible book to help us understand what is at stake when we discuss medicare and to suggest how caring Canadians can make a difference"

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