Saturday, 19 June 2010

Autism Speaks: Support TEAM LUKAS!!!

Update: Walk Now for Autism Speaks raised over 1 million dollars ... Congratulations to event organizers, walkers, sponsors and supporters all!!!

"1 out of every 110 children will be diagnosed with autism. 1 in 70 boys. We need to find out why. We need to find ways to better treat autism and support families. Help us find the answers!"

Sunny skies are predicted for tomorrow's WALK NOW FOR AUTISM SPEAKS event at Nathan Phillips Square. Time still remains to support TEAM LUKAS in their efforts to raise awareness and revenue for this important but underfunded area of research.

To make a contribution, small or large, please click on the donate link below:


Friday, 11 June 2010

Civic participation at the Mennonite New Life Centre

I was delighted to speak this evening on day one of MNLTC's three day course on civic participation and community engagement. Following a day of learning about the Canadian Political System, and the upcoming municipal elections in Scarborough, newcomers listened to Councillor Kelly and I each give a presentation of our perspectives on municipal government and some of the issues at stake for new immigrants in this year's election.

Many thanks are in order to Ye Xia, Adriana Salazar, and the whole team at the Mennonite New Life Centre for organizing the course, for providing us with an opportunity to share our thoughts with new members of the community, and for offering this timely introduction to civics and the election process for all participants.

I look forward to seeing all in attendance out on the campaign trail soon!