Thursday, 10 January 2008

A Toronto Food Strategy

Beginning with the January 15th meeting of the Downtown Toronto & East York Local Health Committee, I will begin to be involved with discussions about the types of things that might feed into an official City of Toronto Food Strategy.

The idea would be to develop a strategy that (a) can be implemented, and (b) considers the following criteria:

- Improves health
- Is better for the environment
- Promotes economic development
- Promotes social justice

While I will be coming at this from a public health/safety perspective, food quality/cost/availability is something that we all have a stake in, and any good public policy will certainly grow alongside the views of many sectors.

This is also one of those things that has the potential to generate a wide variety of opinions. If any of you have questions, ideas, concerns, etc that would be relevant for us to consider, I would love to hear about it and welcome all comments - so please feel free to clog up my inbox!