Friday, 13 May 2011

BEATFACE - "We Don't Need to Pretend"

The Toronto based group, BEATFACE (, aka my cousin's band just released their first single "We Don't Need to Pretend" off their long awaited debut EP, "Amy". 

Check out the single on 1loveTO's site at: ... leave a friendly shout out on the comment board if you like!


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Virtual Wards - the next innovation in health care delivery?

What a fantastic description of the piloting of 'virtual' patient wards by a unique clinical partnership of Toronto Hospitals in the below article ...

I love the ambitiously creativity in this initiative.  Obviously we must wait until late 2012 to see if the clinical and economic data ultimately decides how successful this initiative has been.  However, if the assumptions are proven true that this improves patient health, reduces costly readmissions, and is more economically efficient than traditional services - then is could not be more timely, and is exactly the kind of  health care innovation we need to scale up!