Saturday, 3 January 2009

One year ends, Another begins

While I won’t quite call it a holiday letter, the new year seems an appropriate time to resurrect the old bryguy blog=) So why not make post #1 a statement about the year that was, and what’s on the horizon for the year that is ...

Like many, 2008 had seen its ups and downs – for family, for friends, for myself. For all of you who were around for the highs, thank you for the memories - it’s been an extraordinary ride. For everyone adjusting to new realities, my thoughts are with you and let us look onwards and upwards as the sun rises on the new year.

Though it doesn’t feel like I got away too much this year, a quick glance back saw the bags being packed for a couple great visits to the nation’s capital, the west coast, the sun and sands of Cayo Sol Santa Maria (Cuba) - and a truly breathtaking hike of Peru’s Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and fly-by of the famed Nazca Lines with Dad, Jen, Shaki, Sasha, and Ryan.

On the fitness front - the marathon with Regina’s NCFC gang was something I did not attempt to repeat (I know I’m a slacker Ben!).
While I still love pounding the pavement (or snow in this bloody cold country), I’ve been getting in some regular bike and swim sessions in pursuit of next year’s Ironman 70.3 (the half IM) competition in the Muskoka Lakes.

As I continue shedding grad school to official acceptance of the real world - I look forward to continued involvement with UNA-Canada’s Ripple Effect initiative, to teaching my first classes at McMaster, and to progress through the ever slow federal recruitment with the Public Health Agency & Department of Defence.

Should the latter effort be successful, there will certainly be one more far off adventure before buckling down. Location still TBD, but a visit to the Middle East tops the current list, with Russia coming in as a close 2nd – not to worry folks, not planning to conflict with the gamut of weddings that will no doubt keep the domestic travel circuit at capacity=) On a smaller and more immediate scale, Paul, Janice, Winy and I are kickstarting the year in style with a January road trip to D.C. to help roast the Obama’s in their new hometown!

Ok signing off for now – time to make it all happen! ‘Till next time - may peace, health, happiness and good people find you all in ‘09.