Thursday, 9 April 2015

Create a moment worth sharing

I recently started to use the professional blog ... posting ... "Pulse" platform on LinkedIN to test out how usable it is, relevant to that network, and its various tools for amplification and measurement of its relative readership/reach.  Ultimately, to evaluate whether it is in fact the right place to launch that particular type of content.

Recognizing I am in the early stages of this journey, but I was certainly happy with how the first few days have gone since the initial post this past week.  Lots to learn and more to do, but it is already starting to show its value with regards to balancing ease of use from a writing perspective to (relative) easy of reach and building connections with broader individuals and networks outside of my immediate own.

What that preamble out of the way, my LinkedIN Post, titled: Create A Moment Worth Sharing