Sunday, 18 May 2008

What not to do ...

With all the travels of the past month, the training has kinda been on hiatus for a while. Today was supposed to mark my comeback with a slow 21K prep for next week's ING Ottawa race. Boy was it painful! Not that that wasn't my own fault or anything ...

It didn't help that yesterday flew by without me really eating (brunch being the lone meal of the day).

It didn't help going out last night - good times were had, but we didn't exactly "take it easy" as was planned=)

It didn't help starting the 21 dehydrated, not to mention still running on yesterday's brunch and whatever drink calories added up to.

And the rain and wind made it all the more wonderful!

As the running season officially begins, I think I broke just about every pre long run rule in the book. Big shout outs to Kei and Nelson for putting up with my pace this morning - next week I'll be in FAR better form!

Now for the nap of all naps.