Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Jimmy Fallon on Robin Williams

Some of the best Robin Williams tributes I've seen yet have been coming in from fellow comedians who understand his craft and the level of genius he unleashed on to the world.  Norm MacDonald unveiled a nice, previously unknown story that's been making the rounds on Twitter. View it here:  #RIPRobinWilliams

While that might one of the better ones so far, Jimmy Fallon did a nice job on this evening's episode of #FallonTonight.  No doubt the full clip will be up on the site soon, but it went a little something like this ...

Clearly choked up, Fallon goes on to say  "If you never saw the guy's stand-up, you need to YouTube it right now. He was amazing. He was funny. He was fast. He would weave in and out of characters ..." before giving his own spot on impression of the icon.

"And you'd watch him. And you'd cry laughing. And you'd think, 'I'm never going to see anyone like this human, ever.' His brain was always thinking 10 steps ahead of what he was saying. He was like the Muhammad Ali of comedy."

After showing a clip of Williams running around his first ever appearance on the Tonight Show stage with Johnny Carson, the camera moved back to Fallon who made the climb up on his desk for an obligatory "O Captain, my Captain, you will be missed."