Friday, 5 September 2008


The words below were penned by my cousin Paul, whose sentiments I fully endorse in Micha being a great guy and that he has produced the best theme song entry in the field. Any comments or rating with CBC or further circulation of the link is greatly appreciated!

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is well.

Have you heard of Mischa Chillak? He's a dude. He's also my good friend and a talented producer. We won't get into what he's worked on over the years (the score for Love Sex & Eating The Bones, Cheetos Chips jingles, a Glass Tiger remix, tons of production for Canadian hip hop acts...sorry), we'll just focus on one project in particular.

Long story short, CBC recently lost their licensing rights to the theme song for Hockey Night in Canada. So, they've created a contest where anyone can compose a new theme song, submit it, and CBC will select the best one. The winner receives a cash reward and hopefully opportunities for more projects.

Mischa’s entry, entitled ‘Dinny Dinsmore,’ can be heard at:

If you like (and I'm confident you will), please take a moment to sign up and leave a comment. There are countless other submissions, and I’ve put aside my bias when saying this, but nothing else I’ve heard even comes close.