Friday, 24 June 2011

YouthLink-Pathways to Education celebrates 2nd year in Scarborough Village

I had the pleasure of attending last night's year 2 celebration for YouthLink's Scarborough Village Pathways to Education program.  Here is a pic of a mural that many of the youth painted that now hangs in the local Pathways office.   

Gorgeous!  It really is incredible how Pathways has become a blue-chip charity and how quickly it has grown since first launching in Regent Park in 2001.   With 11 sites currently in operation with others surely being planned for roll out across Canada through their "Graduation Nation" campaign, they are in the middle of the kind of scaling up effort unheard of in the non profit world.  

And the best part about it for a public health guy like me:  It goes beyond the usual theorizing and is a practical example of how support around determinants of health can lead to real life objective outcomes that people of all political stripes can see.

For more info on YouthLink & Pathways to Education in Scarborough Village, please visit: or

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