Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A new year, a new blog

Hola World ...

This blog has been dormant for sometime and resurrecting it has been on my mind for a good while now.  Since there is no better time to start reaching a goal than right now, let this be the first of an ongoing and more frequent string of new thoughts, pictures, posts and favourite curated content from things before my eyes.

Oh, and I've launched the start of my new website at ... with seemingly endless social networks, sites visited, profiles, resumes and media items in all sorts of places around the web - I felt it important to take more control over my web content and develop a more simple, centralized home for me, my interests, profesional and volunteer experiences.  Check it out from time to time for updates on new things I'm working towards and for a more consolidated place where my blogger posts, twitter feeds, LinkedIN, Facebook & Google+ updates can connect.


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