Saturday, 9 October 2010

Labour Council endorsement

Thank you Toronto & York Region Labour Council for endorsing me and our "Be Healthy, Be Mobile, Be Engaged" campaign in Ward 40!

The official Toronto plan estimates that 1 million new people will move to our city, and twice as much to the GTA. Many of these new residents will call Scarborough home. When thinking about how to move people to work, get them to school, and reduce gridlock on our streets - there is no greater economic investment then an expanded TTC that better connects Scarborough to the rest of the city, and integrates seamlessly with transit systems in neighbouring municipalities. It's time for the GTA's municipalities to work better together and compete as an economic region - and that starts with a strong public transit system that connects us all.

In Scarborough, while our population has and continues to grow, there hasn't been a major transit investment since the introduction of the SRT line in 1985. Now reaching the end of it's lifespan, most of us will agree that it has not live up to it's potential. It's nice to have an election where transit is one of the defining issues, and while we all have varying viewpoints with whether we would like to see an expansion underground or above ground - what is not in question is that it is time to upgrade the SRT and extend the Sheppard line east from Don Mills and into Malvern.

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